Beetle parts suppliers

Beetle parts are all over the internet. When you are looking for Beetle parts during the restoration process of your vintage VW Beetle, you will find a wide range of Beetle parts sellers. You have the really cheap aftermarket parts and you have the high-end German quality parts. In order to help you during the restoration process of your VW Beetle, we’re going to compare different Beetle parts sellers from all over the globe.


VW Heritage

VW Heritage is UK’s largest air-cooled VW specialist. They supply high quality VW Beetle parts and ship worldwide. If possible, they get genuine Volkswagen replacement parts directly from VW, but with air-cooled production now ceased, genuine parts are harder and harder to find. However, the company has parts manufactured exclusively for VW Heritage to ensure they offer the fullest possible range Beetle parts. Having restoration parts, aftermarket parts and genuine parts under one roof, VW Heritage is a truly one-stop shop for Beetle parts. The webshop counts over 14.000 different lines for the air-cooled Beetles.

Besides a wide range of Beetle parts, VW Heritage approaches the business from the viewpoint of a VW Beetle enthusiast. As a result, their customer service is excellent.



Our rating: 4.6/5



JBugs is a california based company serving VW enthusiast with high quality Beetle parts at the lowest possible prices. With over 26 years experience in the Volkswagen industry, Jbugs has the finest air-cooled parts VW Beetle parts and a top of the line customer service and technical support. They have an inventory of over 10.000 VW Beetle parts. Jbugs works with high quality manufacturers that provide reliable, long lasting Beetle parts.

All international orders must be paid using Paypal. International credit cards will not be accepted under any circumstance. Another minus (for European customers) is the fact that all international orders must be shipped to an American based freight forwarder of your choice. Jbugs doesn’t ship internationally. No insurance or guarantee is offered unless it is offered by the freight forwarder.



Our rating: 3/5



Paruzzi is a company based in the Netherlands. The company ships worldwide and has a good customer service. Paruzzi is a well-known name among the European customers. New products are displayed in their showroom and individuals can buy products in their webshop and at the counter in Kreeft (HQ). With over 25 years experience in the business, they are a solid source for Beetle parts. According to Parruzi, it is important that restoring a Classic Volkswagen stays affordable. That was one of the main objectives of Ferdinant Porsche (develop a car that is affordable for all people). Paruzzi has his own branded Beetle parts and they also have parts that are made by other manufacturers.



Our rating: 4.1/5


Wolfsburg West

Wolfsburg West is also a California based company. They are a direct importer of original parts from all over the world. Besides an importer, Wolfsburg West is also a producer / manufacturer of their own line of quality VW Beetle parts. The focus is strictly on originality and therefore, they do not carry high performance Beetle parts or accessories. The Wolfsburg West inventory counts over 5.000 parts, making them one of the largest Beetle parts dealers in the world. Their range includes high quality Beetle parts with German OEM references, new old stock and authentic reproduction bug parts.

Wolfsburg West ships worldwide via Federal Express and UPS. They offer an instant package tracking from the moment of departure. Payments with credit card are possible and Wolfsburg West has a descent customer service.



Our rating: 3.9/5


California Import Parts LTD

CID is another California based company and a reference when it comes to Beetle parts. Convenience, value and quality has been their mission statement for over 30 years. They ship worldwide and deliver parts directly to your door. The one-stop shop offers a wide range of restoration, performance and accessories Beetle parts for your car. The inventory counts over 13.000 parts and accessories.

CID has a lowest price every day policy that proves their commitment by offering restoration and performance VW Beetle parts and accessories at the lowest prices possible. Payments can be made with a credit card.



Our rating: 4.3/5


Just Kampers

Just Kampers is an UK based company. Originally, they were the number one supplier for VW Camper parts, but in 2008 they expanded their range with 1.100 Beetle parts. Their small Beetle parts inventory may be a minus, but the Just Kampers team provides an excellent customer service.

Just Kampers ships worldwide on a daily basis.



Our rating: 3.5/5


Airhead Parts

Airhead Parts is another California based company for Beetle parts. They manufacture over 800 parts and carry 1000s more. Airhead Parts has a large inventory with used, reconditioned, rechromed and rebuilt parts for VW Beetles. They have over 25 years experience in providing Beetle parts and customer service to the VW enthusiasts. Their website is very user friendly and they provide lots of DIY material and tutorials. This company also ships worldwide.



Our rating: 3.8/5



VeeWee is an UK based company. They are specialists in VW Beetle parts and Camper Van parts. They offer free UK delivery but they also ship worldwide. They have a very clean website. The website doesn’t only provide vw bug parts, it also provides interesting information regarding news websites, magazines, VW Clubs,...



Our rating: 4/5