Beetle value: main indicators

January 14, 2016

Beetle values depend on several things. Originally, the Beetle was known as a people’s car. It was a cheap and affordable option for people who were looking for a relaible car. The Beetle became loved by multiple generations on every continent.


The most important indication for the Beetle value is the age. How old is the Beetle? A Split window Beelte from the 50s has a higher Beetle value than a Beetle from the 70s. This brings us to the windows. Beetles had a split window from 1938 until 1953. In 1953, Volkswagen replaced the split window for an oval window. This oval window had to increase the visibility in the Beetle. The large rear window was introduced in 1958. Ovals and split window Beetles are much more rare than the larger window Beetles. This will have a big infuence on the Beetle value. Another indication for the Beetle value is the condition of the car. Does the Beetle has any rust? Or is it a clean Beetle that could win prices at a concours? How are the running boards? Is everything still original?


On the Hagerty website it is possible to calculate the Beetle value. They always make a distinction between a concours Beetle, an excellent Beetle, a good and a fair Beetle.


Some examples of current Beetle values


1950 Split window Beetle

Concours $39.200
Excellent $28.200
Good $14.600
Fair $9.300


1954 Oval window Beetle

Concours $25.400
Excellent $19.600
Good $10.900
Fair $5.300


1964 Large window Beetle

Concours $23.600
Excellent $15.800
Good $9.300
Fair $4.300


1972 Large window Beetle

Concours $18.000
Excellent $13.200
Good $8.200
Fair $3.800


Concours: condition Beetles are the best in the world. These cars have the best Beetle parts, the right colors and they participate at the finest concours. The chromed surfaces are like mirrors. These cars don’t have any kind of dust or dirt.


Excellent: these Beetles could win a local car show. You have to look really close for flaws. However you will be able to find some not seen by the general public.


Good: this indication says it all. This is a good Beetle. These Beetles are clean but might have some incorrect parts. These Beetles are not used for daily transportation but they are ready for a long road trip. The general public won’t spot any visual flaws.


Fair: these Beetles are often daily drivers. Their value is the lowest and flaws are visible to the naked eye. You may find some rust on the body, there are some scratches on the chrome, the paintwork is imperfect,… However, no major parts are missing. This car drives and is often as much loved as a concours Beetle.