How much is my VW Beetle worth?

January 29, 2017

How much is my VW Beetle worth? How is the market going for my Beetle? That are questions we often get. People worry all the time about investing into a project or buying a Beetle that is already fully restored. Before buying a Beetle, you should study the market. Compare prices from different sites (Ebay,,…) and inquire information with local VW shops. If you are buying a project to restore yourself, do your homework on what parts will be needed to get the car back on the road.

It is always a good idea to bring along someone who has some knowledge about classic Beetles. Grab the calculator and do a worst case scenario, purchase price, parts, paint, and your time, this will all play a deciding roll whether to go forward or not.
There are several things we need to take in consideration when you want to determine the value of your Beetle. The first critical factor is the year of manufacture. As you know, there are split window Beetles, oval window beetles and the sedan with the large window. A split window Beetle from 1951, has a higher value than a 1961 sedan in the same condition. The 1951 Beetle is older and more rare. Nowadays, split window Beetles are highly desirable collector’s cars.
The second critical factor to determine the value of your Beetle is the condition. We distinguish five conditions: concours, excellent, good, fair and poor. Concours condition Beetles are the best in the world. Excellent condition Beetles could win a local car show and fair condition cars are used as daily drivers. Poor condition Beetles have severe mechanical and/or cosmetic defects and are in poor running condition. Good condition cars are somewhere in the middle. To determine whether a Beetle is in good condition or in fair condition, you can bring along a professional mechanic.
The third and last critical factor is the emotional value. If you really do not want to sell the vehicle but must, or just finished an expensive restoration, you are likely to want more than it is worth because you got emotionally attached to the Beetle.
In order to determine how much your VW Beetle is worth, we created our own Beetle valuation tool. The tool calculates the value of your Beetle based on year, type and condition. You can access the calculator here or click the button below.


Keep in mind that every car is different and that the value of your Beetle is calculated based on year and condition.