How to remove your VW Beetle engine

February 25, 2017

We all think that it can be very hard to remove VW Beetle engine, but the reality here is that with the right approach nothing is impossible. This is why we created a set of guidelines that will help you go ahead and remove Beetle engine without a problem!

At first, you will need an engine dolly in order to keep the engine safe while you remove it from your car. A jack with a circular head is recommended. Some engine stands might be needed as well.

Once you have all the tools ready, you will need to disconnect the battery! Then you have to disconnect wires that come to and from the engine. Make sure that you disconnect anything that’s connected to the engine loom at first, then remove all wires right near your engine! You can label the wires if you want to make sure that you handle all of them correctly. You will also need to remove the air cleaner and then you should continue by removing the throttle. You can keep the condenser wire if you want.
You need to start disconnecting the tin screws from the front breast plate. If possible, get a bin where you can hold all screws as it will make finding them a lot easier.
Continue by removing the front end. Be slow here as you don’t want to scratch stuff. If you have a later engine, remove the hoses as well.
Remove the nuts from the bell housing (both left and right). Use a ratchet wrench for that. Reach your arm and then take the nuts off. You will need some good lighting here to get the best results. Now you have to jack up your car, place the car on your jack at the rear torsion bar.
Disconnect the heater cables as they might be hard to handle at first. When you remove VW Beetle engine, you do need to make sure that you remove all those heat tubes as well. Clamp off the fuel line. You don’t want to crimp the hose.
You will then have to remove the tube nuts. This will free the engine from all the transmission bell housing. This is when you have the thin throttle cable, just yank it and you will be able to pull it out, then you can place it aside. If you have an early car, you have to remove the manual choke cable.
Start jacking up your engine, grab the manifold and pull it away from the transmission. Lower the jack a little bit, yank the engine, lower the jack a little more, then you lower the jack, the engine will tilt forward and then you can get it out.
And that’s how you remove VW Beetle engine! It’s not a very complex process, but you have to focus on doing it right! Remove the engine with extra care and make sure that you always keep everything straight to have the best results!
For more tips, have a look at our video tutorial section: VW Tube