VW Beetle for sale

January 17, 2016

VW Beetle for sale. After many years you have decided that you need to sell your precious Beetle. It was a hard decision, but you need some extra money. Or perhaps you simply can’t afford waisting any more time on your Beetle project. No matter what the reason is, you want to get the most out of it.


Before you get the VW Beetle for sale sign, get your Beetle evaluated by a valuation expert or a reputable mechanic. Determine what Beetle parts you have to replace. Which Beetle parts need to be repaired? Maybe these people can give you an accurate answer on these questions. It will allow you to set the right price for your Beetle.


Selling your VW Beetle

When you set your price, make sure you have room for negotiation. The buyer will always haggle over the price. Take some time to compare your Beetle with other Beetles in the market. Did you spot a VW Beetle for sale sign? Call the owner and ask for the price. Make sure that the year and type matches your Beetle car. The age, features, condition and mileage will have a huge affect on the market value of your car.


Some people will advise you to write an advert. This may help, but this is not the best way to go. Start with your own Beetle network. Inform your friends and family and let the word-of-mouth do its work.


When you decide to make an advert, keep these tips in mind:

  • List the strong point of your Beetle car.
  • Be clear in the advert. Don’t use any complicated terms.
  • Include special features that make the Beetle special or different from the others.
  • Include photos. Images say more than words. Clean the inside and outside of the VW Beetle so it look good to potential buyers. Take pictures of the intire car.

Make sure that your car is ready to impress.  Give your Beetle car a good wash and a cleaning both inside and outside. Also gather together al the paperwork needed for the Beetle so the potential buyers can easily see it all. Original and authentic Beetle documents are very important for buyers.


VW Beetle for sale, some final tips

  • Before you agree on a test drive, make sure that the potential buyer is fully insured.
  • Don’t leave the buyer alone with your Beetle keys. Sometimes people may have bad intentions. If you need to swap drivers, turn off the engine and wait until you are in the passenger seat before you hand over the keys to the buyer.
  • Figure out what the lowest price you will take is and hold on to that price. VW Beetle for sale? The potential buyer will always haggle on the price.
  • Select a payment method in advance. Cash transactions are often easiest and most reliable.
  • Make a double from the VW Beetle for sale receipt. One for you and one for the buyer. Include all the critical information: model, year, Beetle VIN ID, your name, the buyer’s name, the price, date and your signatures.

Do you have a VW Beetle for sale? Send an email to  info@beetlecommunity.com  and we will post it on our Facebook page.