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Beetle parts are all over the internet. When you are looking for Beetle parts during the restoration process of your vintage VW Beetle, you will find a wide range of Beetle parts sellers. You have the really cheap aftermarket parts and you have the high-end German quality parts. In order to help you during the restoration process of your VW Beetle, we’re going to compare different Beetle parts sellers from all over the globe.


  • Get the best prices

  • Get the best quality

  • Compare multiple sellers

  • No commission or hidden charges

  • Increase the chances of locating the part you require

"Requests are automatically delivered to the relevant suppliers saving you TIME. Get the best prices as suppliers compete for your business saving you MONEY."

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I have to pay to submit a parts request on the Beetle Community?

No, parts requests on our website are absolutely FREE.  If you want to submit a request to buy a part there are no costs.


How will I know who I’m buying the part from?

The supplier’s reply email will contain their name and contact details. Most suppliers include their contact phone numbers and location. Every Beetle parts supplier will have a different email structure.
What if I’m buying Beetle parts from an overseas supplier?

When buying any Beetle parts from outside your economic zone, we suggest you check with your local customs office if any tax or import duty is applicable. Most suppliers will indicate a price that includes the shipping costs for your country.
Are there any additional costs to the price the supplier quotes?

No, The Beetle Community does not charge the buyer or the supplier any commission.
How do I contact a supplier directly?

When you receive a reply email from a parts supplier you are already communicating directly with them through the Beetle Community email service. All you need to do is reply to their email and it will only go to that supplier.
How long will a request be visible to parts suppliers?

When you complete the contact form, your request will be sent directly to specific suppliers by email. They can access or reply to that email as long as it is in their inbox.
Do I need to register to make a Beetle parts request?

Absolutely not. You can submit without having to register. You just need to indicate your name and your email.
Can I submit multiple parts requests?

Yes you can. There is no limitation on the amount of parts requests. We do suggest to group your parts requests to lower the shipping costs.
I’m a supplier, how do I start receiving parts requests from the Beetle Community?

You can send an email to and we will add you to the supplier list. As soon as you are in the list, you will start receiving Beetle parts requests.